FCAT Safeguarding Board

The FCAT Safeguarding Board is formed from governor and staff representatives from each of the FCAT Academies​; Aspire, Montgomery, Unity and Hambleton, Westcliff and Gateway​ Primar​ies, ​as well as our two sponsor organisations, The Blackpool Sixth Form College and Hodgson Academy.

Its role is to provide assurance on safeguarding matters to each institution, monitor the effectiveness of safeguarding practices, develop joint initiatives to maintain the safety of children and young people and allow opportunities for sharing best practice (see Terms of Reference).

The board is led by an independent Chair with acknowledged experience and expertise in the field of safeguarding and meets 5 times in each academic year.

You can view the minutes of these meetings below:

FCAT Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

   FCAT Safeguarding Policy


   Meeting No. 18 - 22nd November 2017
   Meeting No. 17 - 12th October 2017
   Meeting No. 16 - 20th June 2017
   Meeting No. 15 - 27th April 2017
   Meeting No. 14 - 9th February 2017
   Meeting No. 13 - 29th November 2016
   Meeting No. 12 - 13th October 2016
   Meeting No. 11 - 9th June 2016
   Meeting No. 10 - 25th April 2016