FCAT Quality Improvement Groups (QIGs) 2021-22

The QIG operation is one of the key delivery arms of the Trust improvement strategy. After recent consultation the QIGs will operate as follows for 2021/2022.


The Trust is keen to ensure that the above networks focus on Impact and are mindful of time commitment for individual colleagues. With the Trust operating two hubs and the subsequent issues of geographical location, the QIGs will always be remote, following the success of remote meetings during Covid. The QIGs and QIG leads for 2021/22 are as follows: -

All-through Core Subject QIGs
English - Estelle Bellamy     (FCAT Director of English)
Maths -   Vicky Thompson   (FCAT Director of Maths)
Science – Scarlett Wilkes     (FCAT Director of Science)

Secondary specific subject QIGs
History -  Doug Farqharson - Garstang 
Geography - Carolyn Hall (FCAT Director of Humanities)
MFL - Sihem Khalifa and Karen Bunker - Montgomery and Armfield
PE - Mel Campbell - Montgomery
Computing - Sarah Matthews - Aspire
DT - Lynne Royle - Montgomery
Primary subject specific QIGs:
Geography – Jake Kenny - Gateway
PSHE – Jen McDonald - Mereside
DT- Michael Goldie - Hambleton
All through QIGs: -

Teaching and Learning - Stephen Cox and Roger Farley
Workforce reform and well-being - Sarah Bamber and Laura Ferris 
SEND - Catherine Dellow                                                          
Inclusion and Behaviour - Simon Brennand   
Reading Improvement Group - Estelle Bellamy and Sarah Bamber
Reading should also be part of the discussion at all QIGs.   
Early Years – Catherine Dellow/Holly Wood

Secondary Curriculum - Sean Bullen 
No-one should attend more than 2 QIGs, unless they are a member of FCAT SLT.
A Digital Leaders Improvement Group will happen when needed chaired by Stephen Cox.

All leaders will embody the 6 core values