Quality Improvement Groups (QIGs)

FCAT Quality Improvement Groups (QIGs) 2019-2020


The QIG brief is to optimise the benefits of collaboration.

Four meetings per year - (11th Sept 19, 11th Dec 19, 18th March 20, 17th June 20)

All QIGs to take place at Hodgson Academy from 4pm to 5.15pm


  • English, maths and science QIGs  are all-through and led by FCAT core subject leads, focusing on developing the 5 to 8 curriculum 


  • Secondary subject leader QIGs 
    • Humanities (History and Geography) – both led by BSFC
    • MFL, PE, Computing and DT – led by Hodgson Academy


  • Workforce reform and well-being QIG   all-through -  led by Tony Nicholson   


  • Teaching and Learning QIG  all through - led by Roger Farley – T&L leads attend


  • Curriculum QIG - secondary led by Sean Bullen - whole school curriculum leads attend


  • SEND QIG   all-through - led by Neill Oldham - SENDCo attends 


  • Behaviour   all-through -  led by Simon Brennand – behaviour leads attend



Groups that are not QIGs but require representation

RIG ----Reading Improvement Group   all-through - led by Estelle Bellamy and Sarah Bamber - senior level representation

Safeguarding Board – led by David Sanders -  senior DSL representation   ( 8th Oct, 21st Nov, 11th Feb, 24th March, 18th June)