FCAT Statement regarding face coverings (27th August 2020)

At FCAT we are looking forward to a full reopening from 2 September. As part of the Trust's work to be as Covid secure as possible, we will be expecting our students to wear face coverings that cover the mouth and nose area, when they are in busy communal areas. They will not be worn outside or in classrooms. These face masks are to be worn by all secondary age students at our secondaries and all-through schools. This would be Armfield, Aspire, Garstang, Montgomery and Unity. The face coverings will be provided by the schools and will until further notice be part of our uniform expectations. There is no need for parents to purchase masks, as plain ones will be provided. Each school will generally follow the same policy, although there might be slight differences depending on the circumstances of each institution. There may be a small minority of students who do not wear masks due to medical reasons.

We have decided to take this measure, as we wish to be as safe as possible and reassure our students, parents and staff that we are doing all we can to lessen the spread of Covid-19. This decision has been made following a long discussion between the Headteachers and FCAT leaders, utilising the latest government guidance. It also follows the advice of the Blackpool Director of Public Health. All our schools have phased returns next week. This will give all our leaders and teachers time to help our students understand the new routines that are in place. We look forward to  the September return, a fresh start to help us all be 'the best we can be'.