Holidays are over!

30 August 2016

A selection of photos from the event can be viewed below: 

Marine Hall Inset - 30th August 2016

  • All FCAT teaching and associate staff gather together before the start of term
  • Group Activities
  • Felicity Greeves, CEO of FCAT poses with guest speaker Richard McCann
  • Richard McCann inspiring FCAT staff
  • Richard McCann inspiring FCAT staff
  • Motivational speaker Richard McCann
  • Tony Nicholson, Deputy CEO of FCAT addresses the crowd
  • John Boyle, Chair of FCAT gives his views on the upcoming academic year
  • Unity Academy win the FCAT Resilience Shield for 2016!
  • Unity Academy's Stephen Cooke
  • Hodgson Academy's Derek Yarwood shares his thoughts
  • Hambleton Primary Academy look back on their first year of being within FCAT
  • Unity Academy Principal Chris Lickiss focuses on FCAT's Core Values
  • Gillian McGuinness, Unity Academy Vice Principal
  • Aspire Academy Principal, Lisa Shuttleworth-Brown

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